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Kazakhstan Beer Company” LLP operates in the market since 1997. Company’s portfolio represents elite brands in several directions: beer, wine, vodka, as well as world-renowned manufacturers of environmentally friendly natural juices and bottled artesian water.

Beer. “Kazakhstan Beer Company” LLP directly deliveries and distribute the most famous European manufacturers of Belgium and Germany: «Stella Artois», «Hoegaarden», «Leffe», «Spaten», «Löwenbräu». Also, “Kazakhstan Beer Company” LLP represents the largest beer producer of China in Kazakhstan market «Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd» with «Tsingtao» trademark.

Premium beer brands such as «Line Brew», «Prazacka», «Stara Praha», and «Buchenberg» are bottled on the production lines of the company’s plant - Line Brew. Beer is brewed according to the original recipe with all traditional and technological features. Packaging of products is carried out in convenient containers of different size, in kegs from 15 to 30 liters, and in the 0.33 l bottles.

Wine. Currently the collection contains the countries which gained the reputation of the world's best wine producers with whom the company have signed exclusive contracts: Italy, France, Spain, Chile, and USA.

Vodka. Company’s portfolio includes several categories: vodka premium, medium and economy segment. Among alcoholic beverages of premium brands company represents: «Nemiroff» - Ukraine, Staritsky & Levitsky – Ukraine, «Skyy Vodka» - USA, and «Roberto Cavalli» - Italy.

Water. The company has exclusive rights to supply some of the most prestigious and popular brands of European bottled water. The range consists of bottled mineral water «Voss» - from Norway natural sources, «Spa» - bottled water which source is placed in the heart of one of the most famous European preserved areas and it is known throughout the world. Packaging of manufacturer: plastic and glass bottles in different volume from 0.2 L to 1.5 L.

Juices. “KBC” LLP presents the Germany’s famous producer of natural beverages «Niehoffs Vaihinger» on the market of Kazakhstan with a trademark «Vaihinger». For the production of juices «Niehoffs Vaihinger» huge environmentally friendly natural landing area for orchards are used.

Port. “Kazakhstan Beer Company” LLP presents the best Portugal Port “QUINTA do NOVAL”. Today, the portfolio has about dozen of nominations. This brand will surprise connoisseurs of the real port.

Whiskey. The portfolio of the company will be replenished with the brand “Buffalo Trace” – whiskey of the highest quality produced in USA, Kentucky State. Slightly bronze in color with streaks of gold, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey bears a complex combination of vanilla, mint and molasses. Long and dry finish has a significant depth. In the combination with water flavors oftaffy, fruit and aniseare released.

Champagne. “Kazakhstan Beer Company” LLP presents one of the best European Champagne House - “Ruinart”. For nearly three hundred years Ruinart Champagne House is associated in the world exclusively with the highest quality and exquisite taste, which can be provided only by the best craftsmen of France.





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