Corona Extra

Corona Extra beer is the most popular foamy drink in Mexico, is exported to the United Statesin large quantities. In the world Corona Extra beer is among the five best-selling varieties and is sold in 150 countries. Fans of this beverage appreciate its refreshing taste, delicate aroma of corn and meadow grasses,specific foamy hood. Specific taste of the drink is due to the presence of ingredients such as corn, rice, ascorbic acid. It is recommend to drink beer "Corona Extra" with a slice of lemon or lime.

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    Style Lager, American Lager, American Standard Lager
    Region Mexico
    Producer Grupo Modelo
    Type of fermentation Bottom Fermentation
    Ingredients barley, hops, corn
    Density 11.3%
    Alcohol 4.5%
    Volume bottle350 ml / package 24 pcs
    Rating and awards BA-100(55) /RB(1.68)/ OBBD(8)
    Color beer has pale golden color with a big white foam hood
    Taste delicate, refreshing, dry, light, and soft, with notes of corn, grain, malt, lime, bitter hops, and has a sweet aftertaste.
    Beer’sAroma you can feel hints of grain, corn, biscuit and herbs
    Gastronomic combination beer is served chilled in a bottle with a slice of lime or lemon. Can be used with cheeses, shellfish, barbecue, Thai, Latin, Indian cuisine.

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