In 1945, Angelo Molinari experimented in mixing herbal infusions with wines and alcohols, resulting in developed formulation of anise herb liqueur. He founded a company for production of new drink in the small town of Civitavecchia, north of Rome. Angelo family, his brothers - Mafaldo, Marcello and Antonio, and later nephews, especially Mario, promoted liqueur Sambuca "Molinari" Extra on the first place in the Italian sambuca market.


    Region of Production Rimini (Italy)
    Composition Anise liqueur infused with herbs
    Gastronomic Combination Perfect as a digestif and the basis of many alcoholic cocktails
    Alcohol 42%

    Sambuca "Molinari" Extra is a classic Italian liqueur made from anise extract. Today, this drink holds 70% of the Italian sambuca market. The Italian government has assigned "Extra" category to this liquor for the delicious taste and high quality of all sambuca components.

    - The aroma of anise and herbs. The taste is sweet and grassy. 


    Region of Production Rimini (Italy)
    Composition Anise liqueur infused with herbs added with coffee.
    Gastronomic Combination Liquor Sambuca Molinari Caffe is good as a digestif
    Alcohol 36%

    Sambuca Molinari Caffe — sambuca, which differs from the traditional as it is made by the unique Molinari recipe. During manufacturing of liquor the mixture of several different coffee components are added thereto which give to the beverage a special character. Molinari Sambuca Caffe is drunk neat and chilled.

    - Sambuca Molinari Caffe has a bitter taste of coffee and sweet flavor of anise.


    Region of Production Capri Island (Italy)
    Composition Fresh lemons and spirit
    Gastronomic Combination Liquor is drunk chilled as a digestif, it can also be mixed with tonic or soda as a refreshing drink or an aperitif. Limoncello perfectly combines with sparkling wine or champagne. The perfect complement to the liquor will be fruit salads, strawberries and ice cream. Limoncello should be served in high small glasses which are cooled in the freezer until the ice on the walls, or you can add ice to the liqueur immediately before use
    Alcohol 32%

    Liquor is a true symbol of the Italian island of Capri. It reflects the southern sun, warm sea, and bright summer. Liquor is made by an ancient recipe, the secret of which is in the use of a single variety of lemons - "Oval of Sorrento", grown right on the island.

    Its peel insists on alcohol followed by an addition of water and sugar. The final stage of the manufacturing process of liquor is machine emulsification. There results a natural product with no dyes, stabilizers, additives and preservatives, with a high content of vitamin C. In 2003, the "Limoncello di Capri" won the gold medal at the international competition "International Wine and Spirits Competition".

    - Liquor has a delightful, natural, soft lemon flavor which organically combines sweetness and acidity, and a long fresh finish.

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